For the second year in a row we present to you this big conference in Montreal on November 11, 2017 at the Centre St-Pierre (Beaudry metro). Multiple relationships and polyamory are becoming more and more common as lifestyles. You may have heard talk about it in the media, on social networks or on reality T.V., but, misconceptions aside, what is it really about? Here’s a day-long mega-event on ethical non-monogamy to set the record straight.


Polyamory is the wish, the practice or agreeing to experience amorous relationships between more than two people, with the full knowledge and consent of each person involved. This emotional freedom goes hand-in-hand with the utmost in honesty, transparency, respect and responsible behaviour. This lifestyle is guided by a particular moral code. Infidelity is not polyamory.

The ways polyamory is experienced are as numerous as those who practise it. Each experiences it in their own way.